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distant Brother was formed in 1998 by One Voice Productions founders Joe Lange, John Veneziano and Jon Lange.  Since 1998 the band has worked on a veriety of projects.  In 2001 the band released its first compilation of music writen by Joe and John called Free Ride Train.  In 2004 the band composed and released the sound track for a childrens music called Justin and the Due Drop Princess.  In 2008 the band released an LP called Sticks and Stones with an assortment of songs recorded with the participation of friends in the music business.  In 2011, distant Brother wrote the score for a short movie called Love Dad which aired at the 2011 Tribeca independant film festival.  In August of 2012 distant Brother released the album American Heroes, a twisted tail of an Evil Knievel impersonator, his Big Foot partner, and a villan circus ring leader named Milton.

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Whether you are looking for original music for your project, or a studio/live performance recorded, mastered, and manufactured, One Voice Productions is the obvious choice.

One Voice Productions is owned and managed by musicians so we understand that your relentless pursuit for perfection often exceeds your budget.  We share your obsession, and you can be confident in the quality of your product.